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1. Opportunity Zone Funds L3Cs, PRIs & DAFs 

–  The keys to making sure Opportunity Zone investments help those who need them most.  By Robert Lang, May, 2019

2. DAFs, PRIs, L3Cs – Tools of Social Impact Investing

–  This paper outlines an entirely different way to get a significant portion of the capital needed for a social enterprise, while providing a charitable deduction.  By Robert Lang and Michael D. Martin, July, 2015.

3. What is the L3C?

– A one page explanation. Revised March 2013

4. Explanation of the L3C

– An updated explanation of the L3C. By Robert Lang, February 17, 2014.

5. The L3C Explained

– PowerPoint explanation of the L3C. By Robert Lang, February, 2017

6. Shall We Dance – Donor Advised Funds, PRIs and The L3C

– “The L3C can be a valuable tool when the founders of an L3C are seeking investments in the form of Program Related Investments, or when founders want to lock in a charitable mission and have a set of investors who will support that mission.” By Michael Martin for Americans For Community Development, 2012.

7. SYON – Social Yield Option Notes

– by Total Impact Advisors

8. The L3C – Background & Legislative Issues – A New Way to Organize Social Enterprise

– Introduction –New Thoughts on the L3C. By Robert Lang, January, 2013

9. L3C – Effects of the L3C On The Total Funds In The Charitable Pool

– A brief explanation on this subject

10. L3C & Economic Development

– An explanation on how the L3C can help economic development

11. Community Foundations & The L3C

– Provide an explanation of how Community Foundations can use the L3C. By Robert Lang, October, 2008

12. PRIs and Private Letter Rulings

13. Comments on the L3C by Arthur Wood

14. Support for L3C State Laws by L3C Advisors, L3C

15. Law and Choice of Entity on the Social Enterprise Frontier by Thomas Kelley, Associate Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

16. Volunteers of America Support Paper by Martha Paschal of Volunteers of America

17. Unleashing the Power of Social Enterprise

– by the Right Honourable Paul Martin P.C., M.P., former Prime Minister of Canada
Released November 8, 2007