White Papers

– The keys to making sure Opportunity Zone investments help those who need them most. By Robert Lang, May, 2019

– This paper outlines an entirely different way to get a significant portion of the capital needed for a social enterprise, while providing a charitable deduction. By Robert Lang and Michael D. Martin, July, 2015.

– A one page explanation. Revised March 2013
– An updated explanation of the L3C. By Robert Lang, February 17, 2014.
– PowerPoint explanation of the L3C. By Robert Lang, February, 2017

– “The L3C can be a valuable tool when the founders of an L3C are seeking investments in the form of Program Related Investments, or when founders want to lock in a charitable mission and have a set of investors who will support that mission.” By Michael Martin for Americans For Community Development, 2012.

– by Total Impact Advisors
– Introduction – New Thoughts on the L3C. By Robert Lan

– An explanation on how the L3C can help economic development

– Provide an explanation of how Community Foundations can use the L3C. By Robert Lang, October, 2008

– by the Right Honourable Paul Martin P.C., M.P., former Prime Minister of Canada

Released November 8, 2007